Tips to Save on Auto Maintenance

Saving money on vehicle maintenance isn’t about skipping trips to the auto repair shop.

A hot blog topic that never goes out of style is tips on how to save money. At Cottman Transmission, our technicians want our customers to know there is a better way to save on vehicle maintenance than just skipping visits to the repair shop. In fact, preventative maintenance is a HUGE money saving practice. Planning how you care for your vehicle will give you a more reliable engine, a smoother ride, and a lifetime vehicle. We put together a few tips to help you save money on your vehicle upkeep:

Check and change your oil:

This is the most common recommendation we give: if you are trying to make your repair visits last longer, you can take care of your oil at home. Check the look of your oil using the dipstick periodically. Over time, you will notice it start to change to a darker color and it will thicken. You can change the oil yourself to give your engine a quick boost without a visit to the shop.

Inspect your engine:

While you may not be a maintenance technician, most vehicle owners can spot a crack in a fan belt or detect the smell of overheating engine parts. Doing your own vehicle checks in between repair visits is an opportunity to see any developing problems before they lead to a blowout and a costly repair. Check your engine’s belts for cracks or breaks, your fluid lines for leaks, and your engine parts for overheating.

Rotate your tires:

A good set of tires is an investment that can last you years. One way to make each set of tires last longer is to rotate them regularly. Your tires develop pressure points based on where they endure the most stress. Rotating your tires takes the stress off the worn areas and redistributes it to stronger parts of the tire tread.

Check your spare tire:

Speaking of tires, don’t forget about that dependable fifth one in the trunk. The reason for a spare is to take care of a flat on your own without the need for a tow truck. If you’re on the side of the road around Richmond, VA and find out your spare is also flat, you’re going to have an expensive tow invoice in your future.