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Back in the day, an auto tune-up was something you did annually to ensure your vehicle would operate at its fullest potential throughout the year. Typically, they would replace spark plugs, condenser, rotors, and nearly everything else in the car’s ignition system that is susceptible to everyday wear and tear. Additionally, they would also replace the air filter and fuel filter and clean out the choke to make sure your engine starts quickly, especially during the cold winter months. Nowadays, many of those systems no longer exist in cars because new fuel and ignition systems work exceptionally well and may not require maintenance as frequently. Tune-ups, though, are far from a thing from the past, and all cars, trucks, and SUVs still need preventative maintenance every 50,000 miles or so to ensure the vehicle’s performance. However, because vehicle performance doesn’t degrade as rapidly as it once did, many people frequently forget to have their cars tuned up until a significant issue arises.

Why You Need Tune-Ups

To avoid costly repair from happening to your car, bring your vehicle to our shop today. With our team of certified technicians, we'll inspect and repair your vehicle precisely to its maintenance standards and schedule. Using only the latest parts and advanced technical equipment, we'll tune up your vehicle to bring your car's performance back to the day you bought it. Additionally, during every tune-up, we will check all the filters in the vehicle and replace any that are getting dirty or worn out to ensure your car functions properly. Once the keys are back in your hands, your car will be running more efficiently, with increased performance and more power than ever before. Get the most out of your vehicle and bring it into Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care today for its regular tune-up in Richmond, Virginia.

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If any of your vehicle's components are not inspected regularly and a tune-up is not performed, significant problems can arise. Keeping your car up to date on a routine maintenance schedule will help your vehicle not only last longer but maintain a higher fuel mileage and increased performance. Schedule your tune-up service appointment with Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care by calling (804) 272-1911 or come visit us at 232 E Belt Boulevard today. We provide affordable auto repair services to our customers in the Richmond, Virginia area and surrounding communities and look forward to hearing from you.