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Auto repair can be one of the most costly expenses a vehicle can incur. However, most engine repairs can be prevented by proper routine maintenance. At Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care, we provide a wide range of services aimed at keeping your engine running smoothly so that you can prevent expensive auto repairs in Richmond, Virginia. The quicker you respond to any car repair, the happier you and your car will be. If your check engine light comes on, don’t worry. Instead, schedule an appointment with us to take a look.

Common Car Problems

In some cases, the problem could be as simple as a loose gas cap or bad sensor. If we find something more serious, our team of ASE-certified mechanics will communicate with you exactly what the problem is and provide you with an actionable and affordable solution.

If we find any serious issues with your vehicle, we have the most effective technical equipment and highly trained and certified technicians to diagnose the problem and provide you with the most effective solution. Regardless of the repair, we have the resources and expertise necessary to take care of the problem and find a solution.

Key Maintenance

The easiest way to avoid long-term and expensive issues with your car is to keep up with its preventive auto repair and maintenance schedule. Though every make and model is different, most cars should undergo some type of preventative maintenance every 3,000 miles or so.

One trick to making sure you have all the information you need about your vehicle is referring to the owner's manual of your car. Irrespective of your vehicle's make or model, its owner's manual will include a maintenance schedule. By following the owner's manual of your vehicle and having your vehicle inspected and repaired regularly, you can significantly minimize issues and save money in the long run.

Trust Our Professionals

With innovations in technology in the automotive repair industry, it's critical that you have a professional mechanic you can trust to stay up to date with all of the latest in technology and car manufacturers. At Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care, you can be sure that we always remain ahead of the curve on all the latest news in the auto repair industry so that your vehicle gets the maintenance and repair it deserves.

If your check engine light has come on or you notice other signs of engine trouble, call Cottman Transmission and Total Auto Care today at (804) 272-1911 or come see us at 232 E Belt Boulevard. Whether you need a quick tune-up or transmission repair, we will accommodate all your auto maintenance needs. We have convenient repair facilities located in Richmond, Virginia, so schedule your appointment today.

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